Adventure with the King of Glory

Adventure with the King of Glory

Art by: GraphImpact

It was wee hours in the morning when I situated myself from the position of seeking God. Suddenly, a hunger so deep filled me and I began to speak in tongues and was shifted somewhere in the ethereal realm.

Before me, is a hill where a cross stands and the one person that hangs in there is absorbing the darkness of the world, past, present and future. The scars on His body were so deep. His wounds were making it hard for Him to breathe. I gasped at the thought of Him being placed in such a brutal state. I could not look at Him for long as tears were swelling in my eyes. I looked at my hands and something dark is manifesting like an opposite color of His glory but I saw that the darkness in me is being exposed to be absorbed by Him. My Lord, even in the midst of my unbecoming, He is the One who never disappeared. Even in His sorry state, He saved the world. He saved me.

Then, I saw Him being wrapped up and being laid in the foundation of the world and I was warped in a dark place underneath. Suddenly, the atmosphere opened up and a bright comet fell down. The waves of light shook the darkness and a glorious being was found in the aftermath. The demons trembled at the sight of my King. His glory shine so bright that as He took steps, a quake can be felt but I feel warmth as I witness Him. He carry in His hand, all the infirmity and malevolence He got from the cross and throw then inside the gates of hell. Then, without hesitation, He shut the gate!

When God opens a door, no one could shut it but when He stormed the gates of hell and shut it, no power from beyond life or death could open it again. The future remains glorious for the people who live in the events following the victory over sin and death.

Then I saw myself before a tomb and its door opened when an earthquake shook its ground. The Prince of Peace stepped out. He came running towards me. He says that I am loved. There's nothing in all creation that could ever satisfy the deepest longing that only He could provide. I am always in awe. He who keeps my hunger is the One who keeps me filled to the brim. I could cry my heart out for so many reasons that this world offers, but He always catches my tears in the vials He prepared for me. He treasures everything that I surrender to Him and He always assures me that I am not alone for He is with me. No one could separate me from His love. I have found the one whom my whole being rests in awe as His beauty is a whole new world I've been waiting all my life to gaze upon.

And as I looked back, The King of Heaven who incarnated Himself could have easily commanded the whole army of angels in a second. He could have avoided drinking the cup of suffering but He would rather suffer the pain, the fear and all the injustice just to redeem His beloved. 🥺😭

He thinks you and I are worthy of His love!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Now what do we know of His grace?

For me, there is no turning back.


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