The Gathering Season

The night was long and so does the frustration that weighs with every casting of the net, only to find out that the effort was in vain. Peter was sweating in the midst of the cold night contemplating if this was a result of him betraying his beloved. :guai:

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The dawn came just as the moment his heart was about to collapsed in his old self, being the doubter which set him to wonder if being a fisherman is the only fate that awaits him after all the commotions that has happened few days ago in the capital.

The wind, however, is breezing a new season and a new song is being played by the sea.

Suddenly, there came a familiar shout, Cast your net on the right side of the boat.

Even without confirming the source of the voice, Peter started to raise the drift net and cast it upon the waking of the morning sea. As he did so, he felt his strength resurrected and the glow in his eyes were forming into wonders. The net became heavy and he called out the others to help him but even with their combined strength, the haul made them struggle for a while. A huge catch was the result!

John who calls himself the “beloved”, turned to Peter. His eyes were filled with joy and a smile were etched on his face. “It’s the Lord!” He exclaimed.

The doubter was taken aback! Too many turbulent emotions that cannot be expressed into words struggled to be contained within his heart.

He remember the fated night as he sat by the fire until the surrounding eyes examined his demeanor of being associated with the arrested Rabbi. He remember every detail of the first, the second and the third denial and the ghastly sound of a rooster’s crow that slapped him back to the reality of his broken promises.

He suddenly jumped out of the boat with a patch of tears swelling in his eyes. Wading hastily along the waters of Galilee with a deep longing to the Person waiting at the shore.

He was nearing the shore when the Rabbi’s eyes met with his. Those eyes that has seen him sinking and once pulled him out of the ferocious waves are the very same eyes enveloped by the atmosphere of heaven and is intently gazing at him now with love and forgiveness.

The smell of the fishes being broiled with the salted air made him hungry. The presence of the Resurrected One was so overwhelming that his soul and spirit were getting hungry as well. The Savior invited him over to eat. The other disciples reached the shore and caught up to him.

Then, the words the Savior released, turned aside every shade of fear, allowing them to resurface and be confronted for exchange.

Peter, Do you love Me? His voice echoed and broke the morning stillness.

“Yes, Lord! You know that I have great affection for you!” He buried his face with his hands as feelings of restoration overtaken all the reservations that he had. :lei:

This time it is different. This time, he will no longer promise but he has written an oath within his heart. He will not forget the moment he was forgiven and were received with open arms.

Will you be My shepherd and feed My lambs?


Peter smiled. The doubter becomes a shepherd and a great shift in the realm of the spirit has taken place. He will never be the same.


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